Every child is different, so how can you find the right studio for your child?

I am a mother of a three year old girl, and she is at the age where she loves to dance, to a point where she is asking if she can take dance lessons. I was also a dancer when I was younger so I’ve experienced training at different studios and I’v

Dancin’Stars provided dancers for Bif Naked wedding!

Dancin’Stars was given the opportunity to perform for the entertainment portion for Bif Naked wedding, renowned pop rock star in 2012.  The performance was a huge success! The Bollywood Fusion performance captivated the guests and brought

Is your New Year’s Resolution to be healthier? Let me tell you how to lose the extra holiday weight while having some fun!

So it’s the beginning of February, and aside from it almost being Valentine’s Day, it’s also that time of the year where everyone’s New Year’s resolutions start to go down the drain. Especially when it comes to being healthy and staying act