Every child is different, so how can you find the right studio for your child?

Every child is different, so how can you find the right studio for your child

I am a mother of a three year old girl, and she is at the age where she loves to dance, to a point where she is asking if she can take dance lessons. I was also a dancer when I was younger so I’ve experienced training at different studios and I’ve had different experiences with each one. I’ve never really thought about how important it is finding the right studio for your child, until now! Now that I’m a parent myself I want to make sure that I find a studio that suits my daughter, one that will cater to ‘her’ wants and needs. But with lots of studios around, it can get very confusing on which one to choose.

So I did some looking around and I’m happy to share that I found an innovative studio that caters to your child accordingly. It’s non-other than Dancin’ Stars in Burnaby, and I have to tell you how delighted I am that my daughter can be a part of this studio! The studio is well respected and is known for having professional teachers who work in the industry. What I really admire about the teachers is that they train your child in a professional matter but they also provide a very relaxed environment. That’s important for me, especially with my daughter just starting out, I want to avoid her feeling intimidated and giving up right away instead of having fun and wanting to excel.

Another thing that hit home for me is that Dancin’ Stars offer classes that are fairly small, which is great because your child can get that one-on-one attention he/she needs. That gives them more room for improvement. As a dancer I know how important it is to get that extra attention and help, whether it’s getting a dance move right or learning a new technique. It’s an encouraging factor because once you get it right, you feel confident and want to learn even more.
Another key factor on why I chose this studio is that they offer a variety of choices when it comes to dance styles. That’s a great option to have since children can be pickle headed sometimes. One day they want to be in hip-hop the next day they want to be jazz. Luckily Dancin’ Stars offers hip-hop, break-dance, tap, jazz and ballet… just to name a few. Without a doubt you’ll find a class that’s perfect for your child!
I also wanted to mention how Dancin’ Stars offer classes all year round! Now that is awesome! That goes to show how committed the teachers are, which is a great example to set for students. It also means more time for your child to learn, whether they’re in recreational classes or trying to get ready for competition.

Speaking of competition, I applaud how the studio goes about competing around the Lower Mainland. The studio believes in competition, but what sets Dancin’ Stars apart from other studios is that they do not believe in solely competing against others. You’re probably thinking, that’s silly, because why do they practice for the big recitals then and don’t they still participate in competitions?? Well yes…but what I’m trying to say is, instead of putting all their focus on competing with others, Dancin’ Stars encourages its students turn their focus on competing with themselves….learning, growing and bettering themselves…
I really love that, because that shows that the studio has amazing values, and that’s what I want my daughter to be a part of! That is why I want you, along with every other parent who is looking to enroll their child in dance classes, to know how amazing this studio is! Dancin’ Stars is the right studio for my child…your child… It is the studio that’s right for everyone!

Written by Ruby Macdonald