Is your New Year’s Resolution to be healthier? Let me tell you how to lose the extra holiday weight while having some fun!

Is your New Year’s Resolution to be healthier? Let me tell you how to lose the extra holiday weight while having some fun!

So it’s the beginning of February, and aside from it almost being Valentine’s Day, it’s also that time of the year where everyone’s New Year’s resolutions start to go down the drain. Especially when it comes to being healthy and staying active because… we start to lose motivation and…life happens. Another reason could be because we made our resolutions with a friend, and they’ve already given up. There are tons of reasons why, and I get you…because going to the gym can be hard!! That’s why I’m here to tell you another way you can achieve your fitness goals AND have fun at the same time!

I have always loved dancing, so it was an easy transition for me, but if you haven’t tried it before then you’re in for a treat! And don’t worry, I know it can be intimidating at first, but it all depends on who’s around you. That’s why you have to try a dance class here at Dancin’Stars!! Everyone around you will not only welcome you but will support your goals. Whether it’s to shed some weight while dancing, or to learn a certain style of dance. Dancin’ Stars is the place to be!

Plus, how can you not achieve your fitness goals when you have so much fun doing so! You look forward to going to dance classes, instead of dreading going to the gym (which I totally know how that feels). You can be proactive, not only is your body working and learning but so is your brain! Memorizing fun steps and dances, your brain is also getting a workout, keeping up with the rest of your body.

Another option is to take classes with your friends! I’m sure they will be more open to taking dance classes rather than trying to get a sweat during a workout. Dancin’ Stars offers various different adult dance classes such as Jazz, Tap, Hip-hop and Ballet. Lots to choose from so you and your friend are bound to find classes that are right for you!

I have honestly fallen in-love with dancing; it has personally helped me achieve my fitness goals. It is my favorite type of exercise, because I feel like I don’t have to push myself to get off the couch to do it. It is also a great way to express youself! Not to mention that Dancin’Stars offers different prices depending on what you want to do, so it is very inexpensive to do.

I’ve found that not only does dancing help you to stay healthy and fit, but it becomes a part of your lifestyle. And it’s not just any lifestyles, but rather a healthy lifestyle.

So why not give Dancin’ Stars a call, try a class (first class is free, yay!!), and get back into your New Year’s resolution while having a blast doing so!! Be healthy, fit and fun, get that body you want right in time for Valentine’s Day;)

Written by Ruby Macdonald